Important! About the new site layout

The Virtuous team is pleased to announce that our educational portals are entering a new era: mobile devices! For months, we have worked to create a layout tailored for smartphones and tablets, which currently represents 40% of our audience.

Two of our top sites have already been adapted and are new. Soon everyone else will be too. It is important that you, our user, understand that no change in content, but only in the visual part. For those who found the old layout "organized", they did not realize serious problems, which have now been resolved, as we will explain below.

New layouts and

We make it clear that content continues exactly the same. Some users may be surprised that the side menu no longer exists, which gives access to all sections of the site. However, this menu is now located at the top of the screen. The reason is that modern layouts no longer use side menus, as they take up a lot of space and do not fit on smaller screens, such as phones and tablets. So the menu still exists, but it is at the top of the screen and you must hover over it to open the submenus.

Another big advantage is that as space increased, we were able to use larger fonts in the content, making it easier to read, which was a problem with the old layout, which had very small fonts.

In addition, the new layout has a search field at the top of the screen, so you can easily find the subject of interest. Another important improvement is that every page now tells you the exact section of the site you are on, and on the content pages there is an index for you to check out the next topic topics, which didn't exist in the old layout. This means that navigability flows much better.

Soon we will make further improvements to make navigation even easier. Other important information:

Compatibility - If you can't see the site's navigation menu, your browser is old. It is recommended to use more modern browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Edge or newer versions of Internet Explorer (not working on older versions like 8 and 9).

Adverts - You will see that there are ads distributed on the pages of our site. The partnership of these sponsors is important for us to maintain a free and qualified content site for all teachers and students in Brazil. However, they were best distributed so that they do not interfere with reading the content.

Now that you know what has changed, just go to Just Math and Just Portuguese and start studying. After all, we are now on all screens!